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“To empower the people of the world by strengthening their autonomy to build an equitable and sustainable society”

What is SystemaD?

It is a project of social and financial integration based on blockchain technologies, carrying out programs of digital and financial literacy, entrepreneurship, a reputation system, an electronic wallet and experiences of fair trade.
The SystemaD platform allows you to build your reputation based on your behavior and desire to grow.
Participation: from taking training and workshops, every loan you repay, every decision you make about the future of your project is captured in the system increases your reputation.



María lives in slum Villa 31, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is 35 years, with 3 kids. She was only able to finish primary school. The financial and banking system exclude her, as she does not meet their requirements, and doesn’t have proper documentation.


María found SystemaD through a social club organized by an NGO working in the neighborhood.
She took a class to learn how to use the computer and joined a new world of possibilities.
At the same time, she learned to put together a venture to sell food, and launched it.
Knows how…
María used the SystemaD platform to offer her food to new potential customers.
Now she is enabled to work faster, with no intermediaries, both online and face-to-face.
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María earned extra money from her sales.
Using SystemaD’s wallet, she acquired habits that enabled her to achieve her saving goals, and the peace of mind of knowing that her money is safe and secure.
Knows how…
María had to buy an industrial oven to make her business grow.
Thanks to the reputation she built through SystemaD, she was able to get micro-loans from ethical investors.
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María transformed her economy through her journey and turned herself into a role model in her community.
She learned to invest her savings, joining the group of ethical investors that feed SystemaD that first gave her a chance.
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We firmly believe that in order to accomplish true social mobility, which has been delayed for too many years, it is essential to innovate the approach. With training, we look forward to empower the most excluded people in society, giving them the technological tools to enhance their growth and self-improvement.
We are an interdisciplinary team comprised of many different skills: technology, computing, social science, advocacy, economics, and social entrepreneurship.  We strive to generate a positive impact in our society and economy, developing lasting transformation with social and economic mobility.


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