What is SystemaD?

It is a project of social and financial integration based on blockchain technologies, carrying out programs of digital and financial literacy, entrepreneurship, a reputation system, an electronic wallet and experiences of fair trade.


The SystemaD platform allows you to build your reputation based on your behavior and desire to grow.
Participation: from taking training and workshops, every loan you repay, every decision you make about the future of your project is captured in the system increases your reputation.


Digital Literacy: We provide knowledge to find, use, evaluate, create, and transmit information using technology.  This provides possibilities of developing new social networks and gives additional access to development.
Personal Leadership: We endow people with tools to know themselves and be aware of the resources they already have.   This promotes important self-analysis, alongside the reality they live in. Economic development starts inside each person, and in the awareness of personal skills.
Entrepreneurial Management: We train people with the necessary tools for emotional intelligence, resource management, and forecasting. Micro-entrepreneurs receive development opportunities and empowerment.
Financial Education: We teach investment and savings, the concept of money, and financial literacy.  These are the essential tools to deal with the day-to-day activities of life.


Platforms: We develop virtual and real platforms to connect entrepreneurs that offer their services to customers, allowing integration of different social groups.
Online Wallet: We offer a tool for the user to have online access to their moneyfrom anywhere.  Users can access using any computer, smartphone, or tablet.
Transactions: Our online wallet enables transactions with extremely low costs that have never been a possibility before.


Secure Savings System: Savings are very important for financial development. Our tools provides the required safety for savings.  One feature is a way to segment funds that can only be spent under certain conditions in the future to promote positive saving habits through actions that encourage and motivate to focus on small, achievable objectives. Messages are sent to help understand progress, and how much money has been saved.


Providing loans that empower the entrepreneur and the community:  Many people do not meet the traditional banking requirements to get a loan. SystemaD creates an environment to build reputation, and prove worthiness for investments to build their own future.


A bridge between the ethical investor and value oriented entrepreneur: Using SystemaD, anyone with the capital to invest in people or projects with sustainable and social benefits can find investments.  The entrepreneurs are people who cannot access to the banking system, but have built reputation, promoting an environment where excellent ROI’s are possible.


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